The Emerging Issues Fund (EIF) is an Amkeni Wakenya grant-making process that aims to enable Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to respond rapidly to unexpected emerging issues, needs, opportunities, threats or other situations within the governance sector. It is a rolling grant-making process that targets CSOs’ strategic and critical response to the advancement of good governance; based on relevance, flexibility, and timeliness.

Categories of Actions that are Eligible for Support

The Emerging issues Fund will prioritise actions that fulfill any of the following three categories below:

  1. Urgent, time-bound and unanticipated interventions: 
    The situation or action MUST have been unanticipated and must be acted upon quickly to be effective.

  2.  Strategic interventions: 
    The action MUST be geared towards addressing emerging structural changes that will advance good governance in the country. Such interventions may provide catalysis, links, of fill gaps in actions and critical capacities that will initiate, advance, or complete a change process within the governance realm.

  3. Innovative interventions:
    The action should foster innovative/ groundbreaking ideas that will advance the thematic and strategic interests of Amkeni which are:
  • Effective realization of human rights and access to justice for all (particularly for poor, vulnerable and marginalized)
  • People-centered, accountable and responsive devolved governments that enhance meaningful participation of citizens
  • Enhance citizens' ability to respond in a catalytic and/or strategic way to emergencies in the democratic governance sector in Kenya
  •  Improve CSO ability to provide leadership in times of emergencies
  •  Improve the enabling environment for civil society
  • Improve CSO ability to provide innovative capacity development solutions to democratic governance sector

Follow the links below to download relevant proposal documents:

EIF Project Document 2015-2018
EIF Proposal Template

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