Access to Clean Energy and Services

Access to affordable and quality energy services is central to sustainable development and poverty reduction efforts. Energy affects all aspects of human and national development i.e. social, economic, and environmental aspects of development including improving livelihoods, access to clean water, increased land and agricultural productivity, better health, population growth, quality of education, and improving gender-related issues. Access to adequate and affordable energy services is a critical factor of poverty eradication through, inter alia, diversifying opportunities for human development, expanding options and choices for livelihood activities, job creation and wealth generation. It contributes to promoting gender equity; improving access to modern and more versatile forms of households energy for cooking and heating and reducing drudgery particularly on the girl child and women. Furthermore, access to electricity will complement free primary education since pupils will be able to extend curricula hours in a day. National health and well being will improve if all dispensaries and health centres have access to electricity for preservation of medicine and extension of medical services to night time especially in rural areas. Food can also be preserved for a longer time. On the other hand energy for productive end uses is critical in increasing overall productivity. Clean sustainable energy services will also contribute to a better environment with less deforestation and reduced indoor air pollution associated with the use of unclean energy forms. To achieve access to clean energy services, it is vital to have an enabling environment with appropriate policies, standards and regulations. The project aims to strengthen the  capacity of the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum as well as assisting the development of standards and policies.



Project start date:

January 2010

Estimated end date:

September 2018

Focus area:

  • inclusive growth
  • Project office:

    UNDP in Kenya

    Implementing partner:

    Ministry of Environment and

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  • United Nations Development Pro
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    2017 $225

    2016 $2,222

    2015 $36,048

    2014 $104,395

    2013 $174,266

    2012 $193,035

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