Inclusive Growth and 
Structural Transformation

Ongoing projects

GEF Small Grants Programme

Through the project, SGP will provide grants to community organizations in rural areas of the Kenya Lakes System in the Great Rift Valley, the marine ecosystem of Southern Kenya, and the sacred…  

Strengthening Human Resources, Legal Frameworks and Institutional Capacities to Implement the Nagoya Protocol

The Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) aims to implement the agreement to the Convention on Biological Diversity that calls for fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising out of…  

Economic Empowerment Programme (EEP)

UNDP’s Economic Empowerment Program (EEP), promotes inclusive and equitable economic growth in Kenya and seeks to ensure that the poor and vulnerable participate in and benefit from economic growth.  

What do the Accelerator Labs bring to the development sector?

  • Radically accelerated learning. The Labs accelerate learning on two fronts. First, the Labs conduct experiments around portfolios of solutions rather than individual solutions, enabling us to learn about what works and doesn’t in weeks or months rather than years. Second, the Labs operate as an integrated global network, building on each other’s learnings about development solutions in real time. ​
  • A greater breadth of solutions. The Labs combine deep local networks that allow us to elevate grassroots solutions as well as source solutions globally, mobilizing a wide and dynamic partnership of actors contributing knowledge and experience.​
  • The ability to bridge to scale. The Labs build on UNDP’s partnerships with government to scale solutions. The development challenges Labs work on are determined with national partners and are priority challenges where partners are looking to grow or replicate solutions. These challenges might include climate justice, the connection between schools and job markets, or antibiotic resistance accelerated by climate change and poverty​


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