Africa Agribusiness Supplier Development Programme Training


Are you a private sector consultant from the agribusiness sector interested in becoming an ASDP consultant? UNDP Kenya will hold a training on supply chain diagnostic, planning and implementation in Nairobi, Kenya on 25 – 29 September 2017. Please register through completing this registration form online by September 1st, 2017:

Kenya Agribusiness Supplier Development Programme Training Registration Form


In its efforts to work towards a more sustainable and inclusive agricultural sector that delivers opportunities for all, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is introducing the Agribusiness Supplier Development Programme (ASDP) in Kenya. 

An ASDP intends to improve the productivity of smallholder farmers and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) agribusinesses by facilitating support (training, advice, access to inputs, organization, standardization etc.) and linking up with off-takers. Sustainability and inclusion aspects, especially women and youth play an important role. At the heart of the programme are four key functions, namely organizing support for suppliers, sharing supply chain information through the supply chain, facilitating linkages in a subsector, and policy advice. Cross-sector learning is a cross-cutting function of ASDP.

A key component of ASDP are private sector consultants with an in-depth expertise of the programme’s Supplier Development Methodology (SDM). The ASDP management identifies and consequently equips such ASDP consultants with the necessary knowledge through a dedicated ASDP training on supply chain diagnostic, planning and implementation. The selected candidates who eventually pass the training will have the skills and understanding to work as ASDP consultants with selected off-takers to improve their supply chains. The private sector consultants will also become marketable to offer their services to off-takers willing to upgrade their supply chains, outside the ASDP.

Consultants participating in the ASDP training should be experienced professionals from the private sector with an operational background in marketing, finance, operation, production, quality assurance, certification or similar. They should be well versed with business analysis and strategy diagnostic, and have experience working with SMEs. Preferably, the candidates should have access to a pilot company with which they can work for the purpose of the training. The private sector consultants can be currently employed while at the training and subsequently work as consultants.

The registration fee for this training is 10’000 KES. These costs are charged for the provision of specialised expertise on SDM. Whereas ASDP consultants improve their employability in general through the training, it does by no means result in any form of direct employment by UNDP. Rather, ASDP consultants will be equipped to work in the private sector on particular value chains – as part of ASDP and beyond. The money collected through the registration fee will feed back into the ASDP programme budget and will be used to cover costs incurred through the facilitation of the training.

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