The Inaugural Arid and Semi Arid Land (ASAL) Conference


The Ministry of Devolution and Arid and Semi Arid Lands (ASALs) in partnership with UNDP will convene the Inaugural ASALs Conference with the theme of “Unlocking the Potential of ASALs for Accelerated National Development”. The conference aims to create a platform for prioritization and realigning of the ASALs development agenda with the national development priorities for accelerated social, economic and cultural development.

Objectives of the conference will be to:-

     i.        Take stock of opportunities, challenges and progress to inform development of the ASALs;

   ii.        Provide a forum for aligning ASALs development plans and priorities to the Kenya’s Vision 2030, SDGs and the Big 4 Development Agenda;

  iii.        Strengthen the coordination and engagement of partners in ASALs development;

  iv.        Develop and adopt a roadmap for fulfilling emerging ASALs developmental needs;

Create a mechanism to track the implementation of outcomes arising from the conference


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