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UNDP co-convenes government, UN, private sector and civil society to kick-off drafting of 2020 VNR for Kenya

During the week beginning 13 January 2020, UNDP and the National Treasury and Planning, State Department for Planning co-convened government, UN, private sector and civil society to discuss and begin…  

Finland, Italy and Sweden commit to supporting UNDP-led Devolution Project

Governments of Finland, Italy and Sweden have committed to supporting national efforts aimed at strengthening sub-national delivery of public services.  

Statement by Mr. Walid Badawi, delivered at Ministry of Foreign Affairs consultative session on re-engineering of the Foreign Service Academy (FSA)

The successful leadership of Africa in these landmark events are a reminder of what African countries have to offer in international affairs for the benefit of their citizens and the world at large.  

Members of the National Assembly and Senate of Kenya agree to accelerate ratification and domestication of African Union Treaties

The African Union Commission (AUC) treaties represent the forefront of pan-African cooperation on building international frameworks sustainable development. However, the low rate of ratification of…  

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