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Statement by Walid Badawi at Technical Committee Workshop on rising water levels

This water level rise in Kenya’s lakes comes on the back of an equally debilitating COVID-19 pandemic that has impacted greatly on our economy augmenting the urgent need for expeditious action. The…  

Statement by Taye Amssalu at the handover of PPEs to the Council of Governors in Kenya

While we honour the vital role that frontline health workers play in saving lives, we must do our part in ensuring that they do so while well equipped – just we do when we send soldiers out to war.  

Statement delivered by Walid Badawi on International Day of Peace Commemoration

Our common enemy today is a tireless virus that continues to threaten our health, our security and our very way of life. This is the enemy we must jointly fight and defeat by effectively implementing…  

Statement by Walid Badawi at Council of Governors High-Level Conference on COVID-19

In Kenya, working within the wider UN family, under the leadership of the UN Resident Coordinator, UNDP is accompanying the Government and the people of Kenya in efforts towards eradicating poverty,…  

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