What We Do

UNDP has designed its programmes to address the interlinked issues of poverty, inequality and exclusion towards achieving sustainable and inclusive economic growth. Its engagement is a result of a process of broad consultations with stakeholders including the Government, civil society organizations, independent bodies, development partners and other UN agencies. UNDP programmes are demand driven and are developed to respond to national priorities as identified under Kenya’s development blueprint the Vision 2030, the Medium Terms Plans.

Our Goals

UNDP Kenya has a strong relationship with the Government of Kenya and is fully committed to further strengthening this partnership. The overall focus of UNDP in Kenya is to support the Government of Kenya to promote enhanced opportunities, empowerment, security (HIV/AIDS, natural and man-made disasters), sustainability and strategic outreach, all of which are detailed in the Country Programme Document (CPD) as outlined in the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for Kenya.

UNDP programmatic footprint at county and national level

Our programmes are delivered in consultation and partnership with a broad range of stakeholders including; the Government of Kenya, civil society organizations, independent bodies, development partners and other UN agencies.more

Focus areas

  • Devolution and Accountability

    The Governance programme responds to the aspiration of entrenching democratic governance in Kenya and supports initiatives that improve efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, accountability and equity in delivery of public services.more 

  • Productive Sector and Trade

    UNDP supports the creation of a business environment, at both devolved and national levels, that nurtures local capacities and innovation; facilitates private sector development driven by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); and promotes entrepreneurship and acquisition of vocational skills, targeting women, youth and marginalized groups.more 

  • Environment Sustainability renewable energy and SLM

    This programme largely addresses the management and sustainability of the natural resources and support the country to meet its obligations to international environment agreementmore 

  • Community security, cohesion and resilience

    The programme aims to build the capacities of institutions, communities and vulnerable people, particularly women, to increase their resilience and reduce the risks and impacts of disasters, recurrent conflicts, violence and shocks, including from climate changemore 

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