Community security, cohesion and resilience


Previously two separate Units, Peace Building and Conflict Prevention, and Disaster Risks Reduction, both have been merged officially since August 2015 into the current Peace, Security, Disaster Risks Mitigation and Resilience Unit. This was based on the need for strategic harmonization around a common outcome (strengthening Resilience against conflicts and risks of Climate Change and Disasters) that provides a much strategic orientation towards the CPD Outcome Area ; Community Security, Social Cohesion, and Resilience. This also builds on the achievements of the previous programmes of both units in promoting national institutional and policy frameworks and infrastructures for disaster risk mitigation and conflict prevention. The focus of the UNDP has now shifted to the County and local level in line with the country’s Devolution process and requirements for strengthening resilience of sub-national institutions and communities. The UNDAF Outcome Area being aligned to is Outcome 4 “Environmental Sustainability, Human Security and Resilience” The CPD Outcome is Community Security, Social Cohesion and Resilience

Peace Building and Conflict Prevention

Whilst Kenya has made considerable progress and recovers from the chaos of the Post-Election-Violence of 2007-08, violence and insecurity continues to manifest locally in various forms in different parts of the county. Aimed at strengthening the national capacities for conflict prevention and management, the Peace Building and Conflict Prevention Unit (PBCP) of UNDP Kenya provides strategic, technical, operational and financial support to the country. The support is delivered via a national programme and a number of related projects’ outputsMore

Critical Building Blocks for Human Development

Human security presents a significant development challenge in Kenya. UNDP aims to build the capacities of institutions, communities and vulnerable people, particularly women, to increase their resilience and reduce the risks and impacts of disasters, recurrent conflicts, violence and shocks, including from climate changemore

Disaster Risk Reduction

  • The Disaster Risk Reduction and Recovery Unit works with government and other stakeholders to find sustainable solutions to disaster impacts. The specific focus of the unit is to: support the country in developing a legal, policy and institutional framework that guides the country in Disaster Risk Reduction and Recoverymore 

Our Stories

Turkana women water their banana field from the nearby River Turkwel
Embracing irrigation to boost food security in Turkana

Through irrigation, Nawoyawoi group members have been able to change the landscape of a region once deemed unproductive.more 

UN Volunteers to collaborate with peace monitors as part of concerted efforts towards Peaceful Elections in Kenya

The 47 Counties clustered into 12 Zones have deployed Peace and Cohesion Coordinators and Analysts with the requisite capacities for coordination, monitoring, and provision of early warning support to the Countiesmore 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Governance for DRR in Kenya (GFDRR)

    Turkana and Tana river counties are prone to disaters, and are characterized by poor socio-economic conditions including high poverty levels, low literacy rate and limited access to basic services. UNDP is working towards enhancing the resilience and restore livelihoods of communities affected by conflict and drought and to strengthen disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptations at institutional and community levels more 

  • Deepening Foundations for Peacebuilding and community security

    The Project aims at developing Institutional capacities for policy formulation and implementation; deepening structures for peace building, cohesion and community security; and reducing community security threats as well as improving response to conflicts, risks and disasters; and as well mainstreaming peace building, reconciliation and community security in national and county development agendasmore 

  • Peace Support Operations Training Centre

    This projects aims to sustain all aspects of peace operations training in Africa in general and in particular to address critical training gaps within peace operations of the African Union and United Nations, within the Eastern Africa regionmore 

  • Countering Violent Extremism

    This project is motivated by the ever-increasing presence of violent extremist groups in Kenya and neighboring countries.Radicalization of youth in Kenya is the epicenter of terrorism and terrorist activities. Most of the terrorist attacks in the country have been carried out by local youth radicalized and recruited by the Al Shabaab.more 

  • Armed Violence and Small arms reduction project

    The project seeks to raising awareness within the communities on the dangers and destructiveness of gun use and violence, to initiate debates and discussions at the community level on the causes and effects of armed violence, including its impact on women and men, and of ways to reduce and prevent armed violence, including monitoring the use of arms by community members. more 

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