UNDP and the UN System

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United Nations Country Team

The United Nations Country Team, in short UNCT, ensures interagency coordination and decision making at the country level. The main purpose of the UNCT is for individual agencies to plan and work together, as part of the Resident Coordinator system, to ensure the delivery of tangible results in support of the development agenda of the Government.

The UNCT meets once a month and makes decisions through a consultative process. It is led by the Resident Coordinator (RC) and supported by the Resident Coordinator’s Office (RCO).

The concept of the UNCT originated in 1977, when the General Assembly established the concept of a single official, i.e. the Resident Coordinator, to coordinate operational activities within the UN System. Over the years the concept has evolved, and the key role of the UNCT for the effective and efficient functioning of the UN System at the country level has been strengthened.

The Kenya UNCT is composed of representatives of the following United Nations funds and programmes, specialized agencies and other UN entities:

UN agencies in the country

UNDP Around the world