Our Projects

UNDP operates projects under the umbrella of four priority areas namely:

 - Devolution and Accountability
 - Productive Sector and Trade
 - Environmental Sustainability, renewable Energy and Sustainable Land Management
 - Community Security, cohesion and Resilience


The cross cutting initiatives such as MDGs, Sustainable development Goals and Gender Equality and Women Empowerment implemented through the Strategic Policy Advisory Unit, UNV Volunteers Country Office, Communications Unit and the Country Director’s Support Team.

Devolution and Accountability The Program seeks to enhance the capacity of national and County Governments in response to Governance, Human rights, Gender equality and HIV/AIDS. This will improve efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, accountability and equality

Productive Sector and Trade: This entails working with Women, Youth and People With Disability to reduce poverty and accelerate progress towards Sustainable development Goals by supporting pro poor economic growth and inclusive market development in Kenya

Environment Sustainability, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Land management : This Program largely addresses the management and sustainability of the natural resources and support the country to meet its obligations to international environment agreement.

Community Security Cohesion and Resilience This Program aims to build the capacities of institutions, communities and vulnerable people, particularly women, to increase their resilience and reduce the risks and impacts of disasters, recurrent conflicts, violence and shocks, including from climate change. It will also focus on supporting the development of conflict management policies, strategies and programs; building the capacities of institutions and communities, especially women and youth.

The UNV Country office is instrumental in facilitating the use of UNV volunteers to implement programs that contribute to capacity development as well as to promote volunteerism for development at all levels

Productive Sector and Trade

Devolution and Accountability

Community Security Cohesion and Resilience

Peace Building and Conflict Resolution

Environment Sustainability, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Land Management


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