Forest Recovery Policy and Strategies

What the project is about


The goal of this project is to support the sustainable management of Kenya’s forests through partnerships.

  • To   build capacity of CFAs working in Mau Complex forests so that they play an active role in addressing threats posed to the forests as a result of the post-election violence
  • To enhance effective implementation of the Forests Act 2005 through monitoring, advocacy, support to formulation of rules and regulations and sharing of information
  • To build capacity of local level institutions (CFAs and FCCs) to effectively support the government for sustainable forest conservation and management
  • To generate information and data for advocacy

Target outputs:

  • At least three CFAs whose operations were hampered by the post election violence in Mau Forests Complex actively functioning.
  • Reports and policy briefs on results from monitoring visits and assessment of status of forests prepared and used for advocacy,
  • Reports and policy briefs on implementation of selected parts of the Forests Act prepared and used for advocacy. This may include reports and policy briefs resulting from studies on the funding of the forestry sector, historical review of management of the forestry sector in Kenya, KFS institutional capacity to implement the Act, the recommendations of the Mau Complex Task Force etc,
  • Partnership and co-financing mechanisms developed between and among partners in Mau Complex forests. 
  • Appropriate decisions made on forest issues following advocacy meetings (at least 11 KFWG Monthly meetings and special meetings on forest issues held per year).
  • At least three subsidiary legislation on the Forests Act 2005 drafted.
  • PFM well implemented following increased capacity of the CFAs and FCC by this project.  
  • Establishment of strong CFAs that enter into management agreement with KFS as a result of this project,
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Report produced half yearly on all the deliverables.

What we have archieved so far

Flagship transformational achievements to date

  • Enhanced implementation of the Forests Act 2005 through support to development and gazetment of 3 subsidiary legislation, support to the set up and strengthening of devolved governance structures (FCCs, CFAs)
  • Paced up reforms within the forest sector owing to advocacy interventions that among others entailed preparation of policy briefs, media advocacy, information communication
  • Forest status information acquired and used to influence improved forest management. Aerial surveys conducted and status reports of key water towers documented and widely circulated
  • Strengthened  CFAs, that have entered agreements with KFS contributing to well conserved forests
  • Improved forest cover and enhanced livelihoods due to PFM implementation


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