Initiation Plan for Designing the National REDD+ Governance System

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In 2012-2013, Kenya received, at its request, Targeted Support under the UN-REDD Programme to conduct analytical work on REDD+, in order to advance the implementation of its R-PP. Such analytical work comprised legal preparedness for REDD+ (with FAO support); REDD+ governance dimensions (with UNDP support) that included corruption risks in REDD+ in Kenya  and scoping carbon rights and benefit-sharing dimensions; and the assessment of the forest sector and its contribution to the green economy (with UNEP support). This work has become the basis for a REDD+ analytical series, and has triggered the understanding that UN-REDD will support Kenya with the analysis and design of the institutional framework for REDD+, whereas the FCPF of the World Bank will focus on the strategic dimensions for REDD+. Building on the successful outcomes of the 2012-2013 Targeted Support project under the UN-REDD Programme, and following discussions with the Government of Kenya, this Initiation Plan seeks to continue the ongoing analytical work for REDD+ and, in particular, sustain the design of a larger project on building the institutional framework for REDD+ in Kenya.

Key Activities

1) Policy guidance for REDD+ at national & field levels is developed;
2) Transparency in REDD+ is promoted and capacities to mitigate corruption risks are enhanced; and
3) Technical coordination is strengthened, together with knowledge management, capturing lessons learnt

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