Extractive Industries for Sustainable Development in Kenya

What the Project is about

The programme will contribute to three strategic outcome areas in the Country Program Document of a) Inclusive Sustainable Growth and Human Development; b) Transformative Governance; and c) Risks and Impacts of Conflict, Violence and Disasters Reduced and Managed at National and County Levels.

Key Activities

1. Develop capacity of research institutes to generate and analyze data and information to inform civil society organization, government and companies on revenues from extractives; develop and use information dissemination mechanisms to inform communities at large, particularly communities where oil, gas and mineral resources are being developed.
2. Utilizing UNDP best practice knowledge networks, conduct review of experiences with community investment funds in other countries, including both successful and less successful ones in order to identify lessons.
3. Carry out supply chain analysis to inform the development of small- and medium-size enterprises as suppliers to the extractive industry, drawing on lessons from countries with more mature extractive sectors.
4. Support development of corruption risk mitigation systems against transfer pricing and misappropriation of funds.
5. Develop and deliver training to civil society to enhance their capacity to fulfil their oversight/watchdog roles over revenue management.
6. Carry out capacity assessments of institutions playing a key role in the governance of extractive industries at the national and country levels focusing on transparency and accountability.


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