Support to the Realization of Human Rights and Access to Justice in Kenya

What is the Project about?

The rights based constitution of Kenya introduces for the first time an advanced and modern Bill of Rights, which assigns state obligations to provide and facilitate the enjoyment of socio-economic rights for rights holders. The project purposes to contribute to increased national capacities in government and civil society organizations towards promotion and protection of human rights and access to justice to all. It targets its results to be enjoyed by minorities and vulnerable groups, in particular: women, Persons with Disabilities, youth, children and pastoralist communities. In this regard, the Constitution of Kenya under article 59 and related laws have established three constitutional commissions to work in this area of human rights these are: the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR), the Commission on Administrative Justice (CAJ) and the National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC)

What we have achieved so far

  •  For the NGEC and CAJ, the project has supported the development of institutional workplans for these two Constitutional commissions. Once completed these provide a comprehensive and coordinated framework for cohesive implementation of the programmes of these institutions;
  • All the three Constitutional commissions rebranded and created awareness to the public on their mandates as provided for by the Article 59 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010. The KNCHR used the opportunity of the Mombasa International Show to showcase itself and set pace for the establishment of an office in Mombasa to deal with extensive array of Human Rights issues across the coastal belt.
  • The CAJ under this assistance is instrumental and continues to play an important role in coordinative processes and engagement between all the constitutional commissions established under the Constitution of Kenya, 2010, by convening the monthly meetings of the chairs of these constitutional commissions to discuss substantive issues around their mandates.
  • In line with its objective on monitoring and advising the government on the state’s compliance to treaties that fall within its purview the NGEC was supported to participate in the 5th Session of the Conference of State Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  • In engaging the public with regard to their rights and entitlements under the Constitution of Kenya, 2012, the KNCHR was supported to undertake a number of sensitization activities across the country on critical areas of the Bill of rights and on the two categories of rights – Civil and Political, and Economic, Social and Cultural rights.
  • Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) training was conducted by the KNCHR for a number of players including prisons officers and police officers in various stations across the country. On the basis of work coordinated by KNCHR under this project, HRBA is now an important consideration in the development of the Medium Term Plan II of the Government of Kenya.

Donors and Total Project Budget

There are currenntly 3 donors to this project, UNDP, Sweden and Finland. The total budgetary allocation for 2012 through to 2014 is $1,541,414.

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