Project supporting selected strategic areas of engagement with the Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution (CIC)

What is the project about

The CIC is a public institution with a Constitutional mandate. This project is to enhance capacity of the CIC to deliver on its constitutional mandate including the successful implementation of the Constitution. The project further supports the CIC in its engagement and dialogue with a number of actors and stakeholders in the Constitution implementation process. This therefore contributes to CIC’s mandate of ensuring that policies, laws, structures, systems and administrative procedures developed and applied at all levels are consistent with and according to the letter and spirit of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.

What we have achieved so far

  •  A key aspect in the work of the CIC is on the constitutional principle of Public Participation. In The CIC has continued to engage with the Kenyan public, local authorities and other country level members of the public in stimulating people engagement with policy and law development processes at all levels.
  • CIC has been supported in lobbying the parliamentarians, on discussions of the key security bills, ensuring that bills development processes are inclusive and have substantive inputs from legislators.
  • CIC has been supported in launching its first ever annual progress report highlighting advances made across all sectors of government in the development and enactment of legislation. The report highlights how CIC coordinated and facilitated the formulation and enactment of all the legislation and related rules and regulations required for the implementation of the constitution as listed in the fifth schedule of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 within the specified timeline.

Donors and total project budget

The total projected budget for this project is $16,474,429

There are currently 3 contributing donors to the project: UNDP, Japan, Sweden and Embassy of Netherlands.

Assistance to the CIC is however provided through a number of other development partners including IDLO, DANIDA, GIZ, USAID through bilateral arrangements.

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