Devolution and Accountability

  • UNDP Kenya Support to Electoral Processes in Kenya

    Working in partnership with the government of Kenya and development actors, UNDP in Kenya has assisted in elections and referenda since early 2000.

  • Amkeni Wakenya is a UNDP led facility set up to promote democratic governance in Kenya. It was established in July 2008, then known as the “Civil Society Democratic Governance Facility (CSDGF)” and works through Civil Society Organizations in the areas of democracy, human rights, governance reforms, and the integration of a rights based approach in social and economic reforms in Kenya.

  • Devolution was ushered in after the general elections held on 4 March 2013. While the policy and institutional framework to support devolution was largely in place, this project was formulated after some of the key institutions to support devolution had just been created. The County Governments all came into effect immediately after the elections, and most counties are still in the process of putting in place systems and structures of governance.

  • The project purposes to work in two outcome areas of the Judiciary Transformation framework – that is a. people focused delivery of justice ; b) Strengthened capacity within the judiciary to deliver its mandate. This projects hopes to a. Enhance access to and expeditious delivery of justice b. Improve people centered and public engagement c. strengthen stakeholder engagement d. Strengthen leadership and Management in the judiciary e. Improve growth of jurisprudence and judicial practice f. Harness technology as an enabler for justice

  • The CIC is a public institution with a Constitutional mandate. This project is to enhance capacity of the CIC to deliver on its constitutional mandate including the successful implementation of the Constitution. The project further supports the CIC in its engagement and dialogue with a number of actors and stakeholders in the Constitution implementation process. This therefore contributes to CIC’s mandate of ensuring that policies, laws, structures, systems and administrative procedures developed and applied at all levels are consistent with and according to the letter and spirit of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.

  • Uraia Trust was established in 2011 as a successor to Kenya’s National Civic Education Programme phase I and II (NCEP I & II). Uraia's approach is to promote citizenship from a rights and responsibility aspect...

  • The rights based constitution of Kenya introduces for the first time an advanced and modern Bill of Rights, which assigns state obligations to provide and facilitate the enjoyment of socio-economic rights for rights holders. The project purposes to contribute to increased national capacities in government and civil society organizations towards promotion and protection of human rights and access to justice to all. It targets its results to be enjoyed by minorities and vulnerable groups, in particular...

  • [CLOSED] Public Sector Reform

    The Transforming Kenya Programme spearheaded by the Public Service Transformation department is a national transformation programme with the mission of creating fundamental and sustainable change that meets the citizen’s needs and aspirations. Overall, the theme “Transforming Kenya” is set within the context of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and...

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