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What the project is about


Forming a key component of the Ministry’s Information, Education and Communication Strategy, an on-line course on Kenya Vision 2030 has been developed based on the pillars and enablers forming the framework of the Kenya Vision 2030 as well as its first Medium Term Plan (MTP) of 2008-2012. 

The self-paced online course is delivered in several modules, some of which are dedicated to Millennium Development Goals and the African Peer Review Mechanism, to capture the synergies between these initiatives for which the Ministry is also responsible and the Kenya Vision 2030. A self-generated certificate is secured by successful candidates upon administration of the final test online, certifying successful completion of the course. 

This course is administered and examined on-line, but Compact Disks (CDs) and print version study materials will be availed in instances of internet connection difficulties and lack of or limited Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure.  

The ICT Unit in the Ministry is charged with ensuring development of a sound ICT platform on which to host the course. The course has inbuilt quality control and assurance mechanisms alongside a monitoring and evaluation tool to assess usage and effectiveness of the course.

Target Audience

The on-line course will initially target Kenyans and public officers at the policy-making level including those in local government but will be also available to other cadre of staff in the public sector. It will additionally target university students, the media and members of the public.


  • Promote knowledge and understanding of the Vision 2030 and its goals;
  • Promote wider public awareness and ownership of Vision 2030;
  • Develop a viable e-learning option that will enable officers acquire knowledge and skills that will be useful for implementing Vision 2030 flagships and other projects;
  • Introduce e-learning as a viable option in public service and hence contribute to public sector reform;
  • Enhance efficiency of public service by promoting computer/internet usage & proficiency;
  • Demonstrate that e-learning can significantly reduce massive costs currently expended by public sector on staff training;
  • Significantly promote public sector awareness and ownership of the V2030 MTP and its goals (wider catchment);

Provide a best practice for replication and window for addressing deficiencies in other areas of concern within the public sector. 


What we have accomplished so far

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