Drought Recovery Project

What is the project about


The UNDP drought response programme will involve the scaling up of a Host Community project in Turkana and Garissa districts, which are some of the worst hit areas in the recent drought and also some of the most under developed. So far in the response, there is limited focus on programmes targeting protection of the remaining livelihoods and assets and mitigation of the impact of continued dry conditions. The UNDP programme proposes a two year intervention as a medium term measure to support urgent recovery of communities affected by the drought and to strengthen institutions responsible for recovery and disaster risk reduction work.

The programme outputs cover the following: the restoration and protection of livelihoods and productive assets of targeted communities; local level infrastructure for peace-building established; governance for early recovery and DRR enhanced. The activities of the project will center around improved access to water, support to alternative livelihoods as well as livestock production, peace building and  social cohesion and strengthening local authorities’ capacity to plan, implement and coordinate the recovery process. Assistance will combine social protection and productivity enhancing initiatives so as to rebuild livelihoods as well as improve household food security. Institutions responsible for disaster risk reduction, dry land management will be strengthened to ensure long term planning and integration of recovery and disaster risk reduction integration into government plans starting early on during the humanitarian assistance process.

Target direct beneficiaries include communities hosting refugees from Somalia, Internally Displaced Persons, vulnerable youth (female and male) and women, key local government officials from technical departments, NGOs, CBO and relevant humanitarian actors engaged in ER work. In total, approximately 300,000 affected communities will benefit directly from the project.

In order to achieve the above results, UNDP Kenya is seeking 1,150  million USD, out which 400,000 USD is the budget for Year 1 of the programme.

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