Disaster Risk Reduction

  • The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the substantial reduction of disaster losses in lives and in the social, economic and environmental assets of communities. Achievement of the objective will contribute to the broader CPAP outcome of Effectiveness of Emergency Preparedness.

  • Drought Recovery Project

    The UNDP drought response programme will involve the scaling up of a Host Community project in Turkana and Garissa districts, which are some of the worst hit areas in the recent drought and also some of the most under developed. So far in the response, there is limited focus on programmes targeting protection of the remaining livelihoods and assets and mitigation of the impact of continued dry conditions.

  • [CLOSED] Refugee Host Community project

    The main purpose of this project is to reduce violent conflict and improve the living conditions of the targeted affected population, mitigate the severe effects of the cyclical droughts common in the host community areas through provision of basic social services and security, peace building and community skills in resource management, sustainable livelihoods and support to income generating activities.

  • Communication for Development practiced through use of processes, strategies, and principles and tools of communication to bring about positive social change and to improve opportunities for access to information for development.

  • The Post Election Violence Livelihoods Recovery Project was developed to restore and expand livelihoods opportunities for communities that were intensely affected by the post election violence in 2007/2008. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the post election violence recovery and reintegration process through the restoration of livelihoods in affected areas. The Project supports livelihood recovery including the recovery of small businesses through provision of basic entrepreneurial knowledge, technical skills, capital and building resilience of populations affected by post election crisis.

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