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  • Cross-Border Cooperation Between Ethiopia and Kenya for Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding in Marsabit-Moyale Cluster
    Mar 5, 2020

    Kenya and Ethiopia share a large porous border, straddling a length of 861km that traverses Marsabit, Turkana, Waji and Mandera Counties on the Kenyan side, and Borana and Dawa zones on the Ethiopian side. This cross-border area is characterized by poorly developed physical infrastructure, remote from the respective capitals (Nairobi and Addis Ababa), and low school enrolment rates combined with low literacy levels, poor education indicators and high poverty levels. All the development indices in this cross-border area are much lower than the national averages of the respective countries. The population is largely mobile, and their movement is not confined to one country, but transcends international boundaries into Ethiopia and vice-versa. These inter-regional and cross-border movements oftentimes lead to conflicts over water and pasture. Human poverty in the regions co-exists with a rich store of natural wealth and biodiversity, which includes livestock, wildlife, forests, minerals and medicinal plants which are critical to the lives of the people. The youthful population, poverty, inad

  • The Kenya-Uganda Cross-Border Programme for Sustainable Peace and Development
    Mar 5, 2020

    The joint cross-border initiative will address governance and economic challenges that are critical to reduce the risks faced by, and vulnerability of the communities of Kenya (Turkana/West Poot) and Uganda (Karamoja) cross-border region. As part of its overall agenda to support the global and regional commitments, UNDP will support the target communities in five interrelated priority areas on cross-border and regional cooperation, governance, peace and security (preventing and sustaining peace); inclusive growth, environmental sustainability, climate change and resilience; women and youth empowerment to enhance resilience, economic opportunities and integration in the borderland areas of Turkana/Wet Pokot in Kenya and Karamoja of Uganda.

  • UN Volunteers at the heart of peaceful elections
    Apr 11, 2013

    The 2013 General Elections held on March 4th provided UNDP and UNV with an excellent opportunity to enhance youth participation in volunteerism through the Get Informed, Get Involved project.

  • UNDP-led Devolution Project remobilizes $3.1m towards a rapid COVID-19 response
    Apr 22, 2020

    As part of the United Nations response to the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya, an agreement been reached with partners on the UNDP-led Consolidating Gains and Deepening Devolution in Kenya project to remobilize $3.1m of funds towards rapid measures to mitigate the impact and spread of the virus, which have been formulated in line with the COVID-19 Contingent Plan developed by the Government of Kenya.

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