What are the General Terms and Conditions for Goods at UNDP?
The General services wishes to inform potential suppliers on the terms and conditions for good. They include; Purchase Order, Payment, Tax Exemption, Risk of Loss, Export licences, Fitness of Goods, Inspection, Intellectual Property Infringment, Rights of UNDP, Assignment & Insolvency, Child Labour, Mines, Use of UNDP Emblem and Authority to Modify. Read the detailed chapters of the National Execution (NEX) Manual.

What is an Invitation to Bid ?
An ITB is normally used whenever the entity is not required to propose technical approaches to a project activity, or to offer management or supervision of an activity. ITB’s are used when the entity is to provide its cost requirements to meet precise specifications sought from UNDP. This is normally the case when UNDP buys goods. It may also apply to work contracts and services that can be expressed quantitatively and qualitatively.ITB applies to contracts exceeding $100,000. The United Nations Development Programme in Kenya, (UNDP Kenya) is in the process of pre-qualifying suppliers and contractors for provision of goods and services listed below for the 2009 financial year. Current suppliers and service providers who wish to be retained in the register are encouraged to apply.

Request for Proposal - RFP
RFP is used when the inputs and/or outputs cannot be quantitatively and qualitatively expressed at the time the invitation is made, as for example consulting or similar services are sought. A RFP may also be used for purchase of complex goods when you are not sure of the functional specifications and wish to seek proposals.

Request for Quotation (RFQ)

The most flexible and least formal method that is applied for procuring goods, services and/or works. RFQ’s call for a written quotation.RFQ applies to contracts exceeding the range $2,500 but less than $100,000.

UNDP Kenya welcomes enquiries and comments from you. Let us know what we can do for you.

List of Contracts with Purchase orders (PO) who received more than USD 30,000 in 2011 is available below.

Procurement Notices

Request for Proposals

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