Kenya MDG Acceleration Framework and Action Plan

Oct 28, 2014

Kenya has made significant progress towards realizing a number of the MDGs. In particular: Universal primary education (MDG2); promotion of gender equality and empowerment of womrn (MDG 3); reducing child mortality (MDG 4); combating HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other Diseases (MDG 6); and exploiting information communication technologies (MDG 8). However progress towards realizing a number of other key MDGs – eradicating extreme poverty and Hunger (MDG1), Achieving environmental sustainability (MDG 7) and improving maternal Health ( MDGG 5) has been very slow.     

This MDG Acceleration Framework was designed  to enhance efforts to overcome bottlenecks to interventions that have been proven to work in Kenya. The process was a consultative one that went through four steps: identifying the off track and poorest performing MDGs; identifying key country specific interventions; identifying and prioritizing bottlenecks that impede the success of the interventions and formulating an action plan with clear initiatives and responsibilities for all actors to collaboratively undertake, manage and monitor.

One of the main area of focus is on strengthening the health system for raising the demand for maternal and new born health services from women, families and communities. The four specific interventions include: increasing access to skilled birth attendance; emergency obstetric and neonatal and post abortion care; antenatal and post natal services and family planning.

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