UNDP Kenya Fast Facts

Jun 5, 2017

Kenya's development progress could be threatened from increasing environmental threats and natural and human induced disasters, including climate change risks. UNDP seeks to support Kenya meet its’ obligations to international environment agreements while advancing the country’s contribution towards management of natural resources and the environment, poverty reduction, enhancing communities’ resilience and disaster risk reduction for sustainable socio-economic development.

UNDP supports the government to develop appropriate policies, strategies, tools and innovative programs that integrate environmental issues into national planning and budgeting processes as well as promotion of effective management of natural resources for production and income diversification. UNDP also supports Kenya to domestication of Multilateral Environment Agreements and Conventions through development of projects.

The specific needs of women, which include spending less time in search of water and firewood and increasing the opportunities to engage in livelihood production are addressed through rehabilitation of natural springs, drilling of boreholes and introduction of energy efficient cooking stoves. The impact these initiatives have reduced dependency on relief food by 30% of the households.

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