What We Do

UNDP has designed its programme to address the interlinked issues of poverty, inequality and exclusion towards achieving sustainable and inclusive economic growth. It operates projects under the umbrella of four strategic programme priority areas namely: a)Devolution and accountability; b)Productive sectors and trade; c) Environmental sustainability, renewable energy and sustainable land management; and d.)Community security, cohesion and resilience. The cross cutting initiatives such as Millennium Development Goals are implemented through the Strategic Policy Advisory Unit, UNV Volunteers Country Office, Communications Unit and the Country Director’s Support Team. The unique principles of engagement of UNDP will support the deepening of democracy in Kenya and promote resilience-building of vulnerable and marginalized communities.

Our Goals

UNDP Kenya has a strong relationship with the Government of Kenya and is fully committed to further strengthening this partnership. The overall focus of UNDP in Kenya is to support the Government of Kenya to promote enhanced opportunities, empowerment, security (HIV/AIDS, natural and man-made disasters), sustainability and strategic outreach, all of which are detailed in the Country Programme Document (CPD) as outlined in the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for Kenya.

Helping communities with disaster and risk reduction

UNDP works with national and local bodies to empower lives and build resilience

Our Stories

  • Residents of Kayole use Mkadi at a nearby clinic

    Access to Affordable Quality Healthcare Through M-KADI Medical Savings e-card

    In efforts to ease the health care challenges facing the poor and vulnerable populations, an innovative mobile based platform M-KADI has been developed by Changamka Micro Health Limited, an integrated health financing company that utilizes an electronic platform, accessible by mobile phones, to facilitate the financing of healthcare services for the working poor in Kenya. more

Projects and Initiatives

Preparing Women for leadership

As Kenya prepares for the general election in March 2013, UNDP is equipping women with critical governance skills to help them contest for elective positions. Kenya more

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