Environmental Sustainability, Renewable Energy & SLM

To remain globally competitive Kenya has to manage and sustain her environment and natural resource base. The country subsistence and national economies, foreign exchange and significant contribution to GDP depend on agriculture and agro-based industries, tourism, water resources and hydropower. Despite this reality Kenya is facing many environment challenges that include deforestation, soil erosion, and land degradation, desertification, and loss of biodiversity, water scarcity and pollution from industry.

Our Goals

The overall goal of the Energy and Environment component of Country Programme is to support Kenya meet its obligations to international environment agreements while enhancing the contribution of natural resources and the environment to poverty reduction and sustainable socio-economic development...more

Environmental Sustainablity, Renewable Energy and Land Management

Environment Conservation and Sustainable livelihoods while enhancing natural resources

Our Stories

  • Halima (Left) and her two daughters, beneficiaries of the Solar Lantern Project in Isiolo County

    Improving School Grades with Solar Lighting
    solar Lanterns

    The project which is in support of the Access to Clean Energy Programme of the Ministry of Energy & Petroleum will help to mitigate the challenge of electricity inaccessibility for school going children and health facilities in Isiolo and Samburu Countiesmore

  • Mobile Solar Services

    Although the Kenyan solar PV market is often considered as a successful commercially driven market, market spoilage due to poor quality of products as well asmore

Projects and Initiatives

 Land Management

Land Management in Agropastoral Production Systems of Kenya

This project will extend the successful Farmer Field School approach by applying it to address land degradation problems in the Arid and Semi-arid Lands of Kenya in order to link sustainable land management (SLM) to increased agricultural productivity in agro-pastoral and pastoral landscapes. The project will work in “landscape units” in four ASAL districts... more


Development and Implementation of a Standards and Labelling Programme in Kenya

The Standards and Labeling Programme aims to remove barriers to market transformation of energy efficient products and services in Kenya with a replication effect to other East African Community countries namely Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. This project was initiated by the Government of Kenya, through the Ministry of Industrialization with funding from Global Environment Facility (GEF) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). more


Enhancing Wildlife Conservation in the Productive Southern Rangelands of Kenya through a Landscape Approach

The Southern Rangelands Conservation Project aims to enhance wildlife conservation through a landscape approach. The project begun as a concept in 2009 following a meeting between UNDP, KWS and Nature Kenya representatives under the guidance of a KWS-chaired taskforce before being supported by the GEF Secretariat to go to the project development phase. The project represents a merger between a UNDP-KWS concept and a UNEP-MWCT concept. At the point of merger, UNDP Kenya became the appointed GEF agency and KWS and MWCT its partners in the development of the project. more


Energy Access Programme

The Energy Access programme aims to support the GoK to enhance access to clean and sustainable energy services while supporting its environmental management for accelerated economic growth. It is intended to promote and scale up production and access to modern energy services in a sustainable manner. more

Climate Change

Support to low carbon climate resilient development for poverty reduction in Kenya

This Joint UN Programme contributes towards implementation of the National Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP 2013-2017). The National Climate Change Action Plan 2013-2017 (NCCAP) stipulates the need to mainstream climate change adaptation and mitigation measures in national and county planning and budgeting processes and in all sectors of the economy as a means to further Kenya’s people-centered development strategy. more

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Hope in climate mitigation through improved insitutional cooking stoves