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  • Delivering devolution: How UN Volunteers are helping improve service in Counties

    Highly skilled UN Volunteers are deployed in some of the most crucial areas in the counties, offering expertise in a wide range of areas including monitoring and evaluation, statistics, public finance management, governance, human resource, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

  • UNDP supports use of media to enhance citizen participation

    UNDP through its civil society and democratic facility, Amkeni Wakenya, partnered with a leading television station to launch an interactive talk show so as to engage the public on pertinent issues affecting the country.

  • A new dawn for Turkana County

    The County of Turkana with the support of the United Nations family has unveiled its five year County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP). The CIDP aims at making Turkana a prosperous, peaceful and just county with an empowered community enjoying equal opportunities.

  • UN Volunteers at the heart of peaceful elections

    The 2013 General Elections held on March 4th provided UNDP and UNV with an excellent opportunity to enhance youth participation in volunteerism through the Get Informed, Get Involved project.

  • More than 350 women drawn from 7 rural regions of Kenya have been trained on leadership skills through the Women Empowerment Link.

  • Democratic governance gets to refugee camp

    Kakuma Refugee Camp, in Turkana West near the border with South Sudan, hosts around 99,000 refugees from 13 countries. They had their first general election on 30th June 2012.

  • County governments now bare the sole responsibility of delivering services to the community. This is just one of the major reforms contextualized within the new Constitution promulgated in 2010 and taking shape after the 2013 elections.

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