Strategic Policy Advisory

The entrusted goal of the Strategic Policy Advisory Unit (SPAU) is to reach out strategically to UNDP’s clients and stakeholders for purposes of establishing UNDP as an indispensable partner and technical service provider in the fields of sustainable human development and the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Kenya.More about SPAU...

Overall Goal

The overall goal of the Strategic Policy Advisory Unit (SPAU) is to influence and coordinate UNDP’s corporate contribution to programmes for upstream and downstream policy dialogue on poverty reduction and human development and for socio-political and economic related matters including mainstreaming MDGs in development planning, and nurturing country and programme level partnerships for resource mobilization.MORE...

Support to Vison 2030

Forming a key component of the Ministry’s Information, Education and Communication Strategy, an on-line course on Kenya Vision 2030 has been developed based on the pillars and enablers forming the framework of the Kenya Vision 2030 as well as its first Medium Term Plan (MTP) of 2008-2012more

Key Outputs

1. Policy Research and Analysis
2. Poverty Reduction and MDGs Mainstreaming
3. Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting UNDP Institutional Capacity and Support to Aid and Donor Coordination
4. National Human Development Report

Projects and Initiatives

  • Kenya MDG Acceleration Framework and Action Plan

    Kenya has made significant progress towards realizing a number of the MDGs. In particular: Universal primary education (MDG2); promotion of gender equality and empowerment of womrn (MDG 3); reducing child mortality (MDG 4); combating HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other Diseases (MDG 6); and exploiting information communication technologies (MDG 8). However progress towards realizing a number of other key MDGs – eradicating extreme poverty and Hunger (MDG1), Achieving environmental sustainability (MDG 7) and improving maternal Health ( MDGG 5) has been very slowMore... 

  • Post 2015 Consultations 2015

    The Ministry of Devolution and Planning, in collaboration with UNDP Kenya and other stakeholders began consultations on the Post-2015 agenda in the year 2012. After the first consultation meeting held in September 2012 to chart the path for the Post-2015 dialogue, several consultations have been made at both county and national level and with the participation of a wide array of stakeholders, key among them government ministries, development partners and civil society organizations.More... 

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