Molo – Nyakiambi Wendani Dairy Self-Help Group

Nyakiambi Village

Molo is yet another region that was hugely affected by the PEV. Area residents were displaced while their cattle were stolen and their houses razed to the ground. In Nyakiambi Village, more than 61 families were affected by the PEV.


  • In Nyakiambi Village more than 61 families were affected by the Post Election Violence
  • Through the programme, the Wedani Self-Help group received training and a heifer each
  • The beneficiaries are already selling the excess milk and will provide a calf to the families that do not have one

However, a new programme that is targeted at improving the affected residents’ livelihoods has been on-going under the Nyakiambi Wendani Dairy Self-Help Group. The group was started with the view of helping the affected people start and develop a successful dairy industry.

With support from the UNDP through the Ministry of Livestock, the affected residents were first inducted into a training workshop on better cattle-keeping skills that will allow them to better care for the cattle.

Through the programme, 12 families were granted a heifer each. The multiplier effect of the programme would extend to other families as they were required to grant a calf to another family that did not have a heifer.

Effects of the programme were felt almost immediately as the members were now able to have milk in their homes and sell the excess milk as a new revenue source.

Esther Muthoni Macharia, 43, is one of the villagers who received a 5 month-old calf.  "I will take care of the calf so that I can be in a position to earn a living from selling milk from the heifer in a few months’ time".