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Helping post elections victims start afresh

Patricia Oremo,  a grandmother of  six, has managed to construct a house for her family through a pottery project that resulted from an opportunity for business training and grant facilitated by the Post Elections Violence Livelihood Recovery project.

The house, which she built in East Kanyadwera sub location in Kisumu, cost her up to Ksh 27,000 and houses all her defendants. Patricia is also the sole breadwinner of her family, after her husband passed on in late 2011. He succumbed to chronic depression as a result of the post-election violence that took away his only source of livelihood, a nearby quarry where he worked.

“The violence disrupted studies for my grandchild who was a primary school candidate in the year 2008. This slowed down her education by two years,” says the hard-working grandmother. But things have changed for Patricia ever since the year 2010 when she became a member of East Kanyandwera  IDP group, which generates income from  pottery.  

The IDP group was trained to take advantage of the soil in the area to produce various designs and sizes of pots. They would later sell their wares along the main road which leads to Kisumu city and connects to the neighboring country of Uganda. A small pot goes for Ksh200 and a big one for Ksh 300.

“I can now afford school fees for my grandchildren,” says a visibly relieved Patricia. “One girl has completed high school and will be joining college as my business grows.” 

Patricia’s group was trained on business diversification and marketing. The group is a beneficiary of Ksh 60,000 and 12 high breed goats. They also invested in six other indigenous goats and intend to breed enough for dairy goat farming. The group has enhanced peace in the area and serves as a pillar of income generation to neighboring com- munities.

The Post-Election Violence Livelihoods Recovery Project was a UNDP initiative developed to restore and expand livelihoods opportunities for communities that were intensely affected by the post election violence in 2007/2008. The overall objective of the project was to contribute to the post election violence recovery and reintegration process through the restoration of livelihoods in affected areas. The Project supported livelihood recovery including the recovery of small businesses through provision of basic entrepreneurial knowledge, technical skills, capital and building resilience of populations affected by post election crisis