Peace Building and Conflict Prevention

  • Amani Papers Amani Papers Jan 2, 2013
    The policy briefs are published by UNDP-Kenya through the Peace Building and Conflict Prevention unit. Submissions for Amani papers are welcome throughout the year. The most recent is Amani papers Vol 2 no 3 Laying Down the Spear: Promoting Sustainable Peace in Kenya through Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms...

  • Uwiano Peace Platform projectUwiano Peace Platform projectJul 4, 2013
    Uwiano [Kiswahili for cohesion] aimed to take proactive steps to prevent violence over the referendum. As a joint initiative, Uwiano enjoyed the support of government, local civil society and religious groups and local communities and international development partners. Its basic strategy was to maintain peace by organising a system to get up-to-date information on tensions, hate speech, incitement, threats and violence throughout the country and to relay this information to security institutions and Peace Committees in the best position to undertake appropriate actions including mediation.

  • Collaborative Leadership Training Project Collaborative Leadership Training Project Jan 2, 2013
    This programme aims at contributing towards building sustainable peace and democracy in the country through enhancement of leadership skills among key leaders in Kenya...

  • International Peace Training Centre (IPSTC)International Peace Training Centre (IPSTC)Jul 4, 2013
    In 2009, UNDP-Kenya, through support from the Government of Japan entered into a partnership with International Peace Support Training centre (IPSTC) . The aim of the partnership is to implement a project that seeks to enhance the regional capability in African Union/United Nations Peace Keeping and peace building in the East African region...

  • Regional Centre on Small Arms and Light Weapons programmeRegional Centre on Small Arms and Light Weapons programmeNov 14, 2012
    Kenya is part of the regional and international initiatives for the reduction and control of the proliferation of SALW. These include the UN Programme of Action on SALW, the Geneva Declaration on SALW; the Nairobi Protocal and Declaration on SALW among other legal instruments. Kenya currently hosts the Regional Centre on Small Arms (RECSA) which is an intergovernmental body supporting members states. The Kenya National Focal Point for SALW is responsible for issues of SALW.

  • District Peace CommitteesDistrict Peace CommitteesNov 14, 2012
    Conflict and development are linked in a relationship that is both complex and multifaceted. The development process itself generates new conflicts by changing the dynamics of economic, financial and political power. The inevitable competition and conflict over the direction, resources and distribution of development, if not well-managed, can impede development and at worst...

  • Small Arms and Light Weapons Jul 10, 2013
    The lack of regional standards on armed groups’ disarmament has hindered the cooperation of regional government to undertake joint disarmament operations. This is due to legal and policy divergence among them and yet the proliferation of arms is not limited to national borders. There is therefore need for a regional approach to the challenges of SALW.

  • Picha Mtaani Jan 2, 2013
    On 7th December 2009, “Picha Mtaani” was launched at a colorful ceremony in Nairobi. The launch was preceded over by the UN Senior Peace and Development Advisor, and Chief, Peace Building and Conflict Prevention (UNDP), Dr.Ozonnia Ojielo, together with invited guests including Prof. Olatokundo Ige (OHCHR), Amb. Michael Ranneberger (USA) and Salim Amin (A24 Media). “Picha Mtaani” in partnership with UNDP Kenya, is an initiative that seeks to create a platform for peace building, national healing and cohesion through street picture galleries, hosted dialogues and repertoire of the reflections and discussions.


  • Conflict transformation project (ctp) Jan 16, 2013

OUR WORK - Peace Building and Conflict Resolution

Kenya is increasingly vulnerable to violence as attested by the Post Election crisis in 2008. This can erase decades of development and further entrench poverty and inequality. Through its global network, UNDP-Kenya seeks out and shares innovative approaches to crisis prevention, early warning and conflict resolution by working with OCHA UNDP-Kenya is also working with the Partnership for peace (an agglomeration of NGO that support peace efforts nationwide) as well as through a joint project between UNDP Kenya and Government of Japan the International Peace Support Training Centre.

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