Peace Building and Conflict Prevention

Ongoing Projects
  • Deepening Foundations for Peacebuilding and community securityDeepening Foundations for Peacebuilding and community security

  • STRENGTHENING COMMUNITY’S RESILIENCE AGAINSTRADICALIZATION AND VIOLENT EXTREMISMThis project is designed to strengthen the development responses to mitigate the growth of violent extremism in Kenya. It is motivated by the increasing presence of violent extremist groups, out to recruit young, often unemployed youth

  • NCIC-UNDP PARTNERSHIP, 2011-2013NCIC-UNDP PARTNERSHIP, 2011-2013The National Cohesion and Integration Commission draws its existence from the National Dialogue and Reconciliation Agreement that sought to provide a peaceful solution to the political impasse and violence that had engulfed the country after the 2007 general elections. The object and purpose for which the Commission is established is to facilitate and promote equality of opportunity, good relations, harmony and peaceful coexistence between persons of the different ethnic and racial communities of Kenya, and to advise the Government on all aspects thereof. It includes Economic and political exclusion, unequal distribution and access to resources, and other forms of discrimination and violence prevent large segments of the country’s population from realizing their full potential and being more active participants in the development of their communities.

  • Collaborative Leadership Training Project Collaborative Leadership Training ProjectThis programme aims at contributing towards building sustainable peace and democracy in the country through enhancement of leadership skills among key leaders in Kenya...


  • Small Arms and Light WeaponsThe lack of regional standards on armed groups’ disarmament has hindered the cooperation of regional government to undertake joint disarmament operations. This is due to legal and policy divergence among them and yet the proliferation of arms is not limited to national borders. There is therefore need for a regional approach to the challenges of SALW.

  • Uwiano Peace Platform projectUwiano Peace Platform projectUwiano [Kiswahili for cohesion] aimed to take proactive steps to prevent violence over the referendum. As a joint initiative, Uwiano enjoyed the support of government, local civil society and religious groups and local communities and international development partners. Its basic strategy was to maintain peace by organising a system to get up-to-date information on tensions, hate speech, incitement, threats and violence throughout the country and to relay this information to security institutions and Peace Committees in the best position to undertake appropriate actions including mediation.

  • International Peace Training Centre (IPSTC)International Peace Training Centre (IPSTC)In 2009, UNDP-Kenya, through support from the Government of Japan entered into a partnership with International Peace Support Training centre (IPSTC) . The aim of the partnership is to implement a project that seeks to enhance the regional capability in African Union/United Nations Peace Keeping and peace building in the East African region...

  • Armed Violence Reduction Project (AVRP)

  • Conflict transformation project (ctp)

OUR WORK - Peace Building and Conflict Resolution

Kenya is increasingly vulnerable to violence as attested by the Post Election crisis in 2008. This can erase decades of development and further entrench poverty and inequality. Through its global network, UNDP-Kenya seeks out and shares innovative approaches to crisis prevention, early warning and conflict resolution by working with OCHA UNDP-Kenya is also working with the Partnership for peace (an agglomeration of NGO that support peace efforts nationwide) as well as through a joint project between UNDP Kenya and Government of Japan the International Peace Support Training Centre.

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