Judiciary Transformation Support Project

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As one of the three arms of the Government of Kenya, the Judiciary is responsible for the fair and efficient administration of justice for all in Kenya.  In addition it is expected to play an important role in safeguarding individual rights and freedoms, in acting as a check on the powers (and excesses) of the other arms of Government and in promoting socio-economic progress through relevant and innovative jurisprudence.

After the enactment of the constitution in 2010, UNDP supported the Judiciary to embark on its new role whose emphasis was on values of integrity, efficiency, transparency, accountability and effectiveness in public service. 

The Judicial transformation Framework - which initially covers the period 2012 to 2016 - adopts a holistic approach to the Judiciary’s development built on sector-wide collaboration, strategic and technical partnerships and the use of benchmarks based on emerging and contemporary national, regional and global smart practice. 

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