Disaster Risk Management Project

What is the project about

In the last two decades, Kenya has continued to face a rising degree of vulnerability to disaster risk. This risk is the probability of a hazard turning into a disaster, with households or communities being affected in such a manner that their lives and livelihoods are seriously disrupted beyond their capacity to cope or withstand using their own resources, with the result that affected populations suffer serious widespread human, material, economic or environmental losses. Communities are predisposed to disasters by a combination of factors such as poverty, aridity, settlement in areas prone to perennial flooding or areas with poor infrastructure and services such as the informal urban settlements or even living in poorly constructed buildings. In the recent past these hazards have increased in number, frequency and complexity. The level of destruction has also become more severe with more deaths of people and animals, loss of livelihoods, destruction of infrastructure among other effects resulting in losses of varying magnitudes.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the substantial reduction of disaster losses in lives and in the social, economic and environmental assets of communities. Achievement of the objective will contribute to the broader CPAP outcome of Effectiveness of Emergency Preparedness. The programme objective will support National Plans and Policies for Conflict and Disaster Management operationalised and Capacity developed at National and District Level ii) The Project will produce 4 outputs to achieve its objective : i)National Policy and strong institutional framework for Disaster Risk Reduction established and operational ii)Disaster preparedness, contingency planning and community involvement in risk reduction strengthened, iii) Risks identified, assessed, monitored and early warning mechanisms and systems strengthened ,iv) Knowledge and education built into a culture of resilience. iv)The inputs required to produce the outputs above will include  training, advocacy, assessment, sensitization of partners, coalition building, equipment and contractual services, logistics, tools for addressing Disaster Risk Reduction .

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