Community security,
cohesion and resilience

Community security, cohesion and resilience

Our work is oriented towards strengthening resilience against conflicts, risks of climate change and disasters; promoting national institutional and policy frameworks and infrastructures for disaster risk mitigation and conflict prevention.

In conflict prevention, we work with county coordination, joint response and institution-building mechanisms on governance and dispute resolution to address county and constituency boundary disputes, extractives and land related conflicts; and power sharing to enhance social inclusion and integration of minorities and ethnic groups.

We also work on disaster risk reduction and resilience in the Northeast regions to reduce vulnerability and build resilience to shocks. At policy level, UNDP works with parliamentary committees, ministries, government departments and agencies through technical advisory support.

Our goals

Our work includes a focus on the prevention of violent extremism; targeting epicenter, spillover and at-risk communities, where youth and women are at risk of both radicalization and as victims of violent extremist acts..



developed drought preparedness and response plans while the Government developed a National Preparedness Plan.

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